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6 March 22
Situation: The VIX is at $31. 98. The volatility is still very high. The headlines about the war in Ukraine continue effect the Market in a negative way. The Fed continues to move forward with plans to raise interest rates up to 6 times this year.
Mission : Create winning positions, add to them, and defend them with tight stops.
Execution: Beginner Straters should stay on the 30 minute and 60 minutes time frames. Then enter trades on those time frames. The Gap List is a great place to stay if you are new, or if you are unsure of where to go.
The Weekend Vid is out. If you are working trades from this list, you will be listening for Rob to call out these stocks going to the highs or lows. Trade reversals, don’t just jump in.

The Macro Vid has also been sent out. This is a monthly update of quarterly and yearly signals. Review your long term signals. If they are still in force, continue mission. If you haven’t entered yet look for a Triangle They Out on the weekly, or daily to get in this larger reversal.
We are treating every 60 like a new day. Day traders are highly encouraged to use the 5 minute or 1 minute to manage open positions to ensure you get stopped out with profit. Swing traders (weekly, or monthly) use the daily charts to push your stops in direction of the trend. You can even use the 60s to do this. The goal is to get stopped out with profit.

Events: Oil report is on Wednesday. Earning season is still going. The following are for this week are
CPB Campbells soup/before the market open
CWRD Crowdstrike Holdings/ after market
PLCE Children’s place/Before Market
11 MAR
BKE Buckle/before market

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