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The end of February

If you look at the month, you got a shooter on the month. Oh my goodness. Shooter on the month. If that goes in force at $394.14, the magnitude on that is $377.43. Man, I tell you what. I don’t know. We will see. I’m not going to draw it. Here but a lot of the technical analysis people will say this is a down channel. The price is going right back into that down channel, right? That’s OK if you use technical analysis, and that’s what you see. It lines up with the 2-2 reversal to the downside back into this previous range. Go ahead. Remember we want to trade things going through a previous range, and that’s what’s setting up setting up right now on SPY. 

We actually have two more days left in February. Let see what they want to do. Be careful, and don’t get caught up in the 0DTE hype. If you know what you are doing go ahead, just don’t do stupid stuff. You got this. 

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