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Situation: SPY is inside month, and inside week. We are waiting to see if the shooter on the weekly goes in force to the downside. This will be important for future price action. 

Mission: Create winning positions, add to them, and defend them with tight stops. Do not get chopped up. 

Execution: The following Macro signals are in force on the Quarterly charts. ENPH, PLUG, MRK  to the upside. This list will grow as we move forward. These signals are too the upside. When the SPY is green look to these first. FB is not on the Macro list, but is 2-2 up on the month. TWTR is an effect target, but it is news driven. Keep your stops tight on that, and trade reversals. If the SPY is red, go to the stocks already 2 down on the month, or quarter. They continue to sell airlines, and financials. Semiconductors is also in force to the downside. 

Listen to Rob, take all commands from the tower. 

Strat Solider out. 

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