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Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Smith's In The Black

Rob Smith is the originator of The STRAT trading method. Leveraging over 20 years of experience as a trader on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, he developed The STRAT to give traders an easy-to-understand and immediately actionable asset to add to their trading toolbox. 

Using quantitative analysis that breaks down price action by timeframe continuity, actionable signals, and price discovery broadening formations, The STRAT has been shown to amplify trading results for both short and long-term traders. 


Many practitioners of The STRAT have experienced triple digit returns over time, often outperforming the S&P by over 500%.


Rob’s Live Room, where he follows the market every weekday, is a mainstay of Sepia Group’s programming. He also offers a course on getting started with The STRAT, and numerous videos offering daily insight into the market.

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Rob Smith's Products

Rob Smith Live Room

Starting at: $199.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

Rob Smith’s Official STRAT Course


To watch other Rob Smith Videos visit: STRAT Videos

Yearly Subscription to Rob Smith's Live Room

$999 plus The Official STRAT Course
A Savings of $1199