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Come see why traders everywhere are choosing #TheStrat as their go-to market approach. A proprietary trading strategy created by veteran trader Rob Smith, #TheStrat is easy to understand and immediately actionable as an asset within your trading toolbox.
Using quantitative analysis that breaks down price action by timeframe continuity, actionable signals, and price discovery broadening formations, it doesn’t matter if you’re a short or long-term trader – this is the strategy that can help amplify your trading results.
Many followers have experienced TRIPLE DIGIT RETURNS over time using #TheStrat – and in several cases even outperforming the S&P by over 5x.
It doesn’t cost you anything to look, as Smith’s In The Black Broadcast Channel offers a one-week free trial!

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Follow the action with Rob Smith, #TheStrat. Watch Rob’s live stream as he navigates the market, displaying his screen and showing you his trades.

Introduction To the STRAT Course

In this course Rob Smith teaches you his innovative trading system, The Strat. Rob developed The Strat based on universal principles in price action to which all price must adhere.