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The STRAT: Execution Basics

The STRAT Basic Training with The STRAT Soldier

The STRAT: Execution Basics Course will show you how to read candlesticks, introduce you to The STRAT scenarios, and show you how to trade three STRAT reversals. Get all the basics of The STRAT from one of our most active community leaders. If you have questions for Jermaine you can get them answered in the Sepia Group Forums. This course is about the first universal truth, Actionable Signals. The other two, Timeframe Continuity and Broadening Formations, will be covered in upcoming courses.

The STRAT Execution Basics


What you will learn in this course:

The Three Scenarios: Trading is not about predicting what will happen next to the price, it’s about reacting to price action. From one candlestick to the next there are only three possible scenarios. Identify these scenarios on your charts to visualize what might happen next.

Actionable Signals: Once you understand the three scenarios, you will be able to scan charts for STRAT combos and actionable signals. Learn the patterns and apply them to your daily trades.

STRAT Reversals: Learn how to identify STRAT reversal patterns, gauge magnitude and build on continuations. Find out where to enter and exit a trade within each of the patterns and know when a signal is in force.

Managing Open Positions: The mantra of The STRAT: Create winning positions, add to them, and defend them with tight stops. Examine three techniques for setting your stops so you know when to get out.

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