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Michael Dang

Michael Dang


Michael Dang is founder and CEO of DANGSTRAT, and one of the first people to combine The STRAT with Tradytics' Algo Flow software to follow smart money and confirm price action. The Algo Flow is a cumulative visual representation of what sentiment smart money has at every minute of the day, based on live options and flow data.

When Michael learned how to trade The STRAT, it completely changed the way he saw price action. The STRAT removes bias, eliminates guessing, and simplifies price action so that no indicators are needed when trading. 

Join Michael’s Live Room to learn his unique way of trading with The STRAT using Algo Flow. Every day in the Live Room Every weekday, before the market opens, he shares daily watchlists and takes chart requests from the audience to look at potential setups, and analyzes the stocks using Algo Flow.

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Michael Dang's Products

That Dang STRAT Show

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Yearly Subscription to Rob Smith's Live Room

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