Jermaine McGruder

Jermaine McGruder

The Strat Soldier

I am Jermaine McGruder, aka The STRAT Soldier. I have been trading The STRAT since 2019, and in that short amount of time I have gotten proficient at trading The STRAT, and subsequently very good at teaching it. You may have seen my STRAT webinar with Benzinga and Ryan Faloona in October of 2020. That webinar currently has 18,000 views. I was also on First Trade with Rohan Makhecka in June of 2021, also with Benzinga. That episode has 3,500 views.
What I am great at is teaching the whole STRAT, and nothing but The STRAT. I have helped experienced traders stop taking large losses, and I have helped brand new traders know what a buy and a sell signal looks like. I help people trade what they know to be True, and have the confidence to take the actionable signals. I also help make sure people don’t take large losses. Unlike other trading systems you do not have to lose a ton of money before you start becoming proficient. We use tight stops, and that makes our loses small. Our winners always cover our loses.
I have been the Army for 20 years, and have worked with hundreds of soldiers in various training environments. Leading and training is what I do.
So if you’re ready. Let’s get started.

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