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Terms most heard in the Live chat. Also known as Robisms. 


Triangle They Out

Triangle they out is a phrase used to describe profit taking, and ill-timed shorts. What you are looking for is for the more aggressive participation group to step back up, and continue trading in control of the time frame continuity. For example, the buyers are running up the price on a stock, they take some profits during the 30 minute time frame, and on opening of the next candle they start buying again. 

Run sheep run

Everyone is buying during the first two hours of the day, and there no reversals to work at that time. 

Around the horn

Rob is looking for actionable signals on a specific time frame. 

“60”, “15er”

If Rob ever calls out the ticker, and just says the time frame, that means there is an inside bar on that ticker. Look for the reversal, or continuation to get in on. 


Stock reversing to the downside. 


This is midwestern term, that means, “GET MOVING.”

It is a fun thing we yell at our trades. “ROKU, GIT!”


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