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What to listen for

Now that you are in the Live trading room. You are listening for your stock pick to go in force. Meaning, you are waiting for it to trade above the actionable signal. Remember, we do not predict anything. We trade what is happening right now. Rob will start the day talking about a lot of tickers. That doesn’t mean just jump in. Unless, that is the trade you were waiting for. 

After the first 15 minutes you will hear Rob say, “Let’s go around the horn and look at the 15ers.” This is Rob telling you about any actionable signals that are setting up on that timeframe. You can ask Rob about any trade you would like to take at this time as well. He will repeat this at the top of the hour, and at the bottom of the hour. We call the the bottom of the hour, the Flip. This is very important to us, because this is when the pits change out on the trading floor. Also when the automated trading algorithms turn on, and off. With the Strat we are able to capture these moves, and take advantage of them. 

Yearly Subscription to Rob Smith's Live Room

$999 plus The Official STRAT Course
A Savings of $1199