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Rapid Communication

A quick guide to how we talk: 

When Rob says “just the time frame,” it means it is a Scenario 1 (inside bar). “60”   “30”   “15”   “5er” are all inside bars. 

“Get yourself an inside 5er” means you are looking for a 2-1-2 reversal, or a 2-1-2 continuation on the 5 minute time frame. This would also work for a 3-1-2 set up. 

“Country and western” is when you are trading something that was trending up and is now trending down. You are looking to trade both ways on this condition. 

“Run sheep run” is when the buyers are running things into the highs. 

“Inside 60 Gorilla” means there is a Scenario 1 (inside bar) in the Broader Averages. S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ. We are looking for a Scenario 2 up or down the next hour.

SPY=S&P 500             DIAMONDS=DOW JONES              QQQ or Qs=NASDAQ 

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