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3. The Opening Bell

Ding, Ding. “Spy say $445.76,” is what Rob will open with, then it’s off to the races. Rob will talk rapidly on days when the volatility is high. As a new member to the room, you don’t have to take every signal he calls out. Much of this time, Rob narrates what is currently happening.

Keep in mind, there are many other traders in the room with you. Some have been with Rob for years. He will be talking to traders with a wide range of experience. Just listen for your stock pick. 

Monday is when we do the least. What we do is gather information. If your actionable signal goes in force, you can do two things: take the signal or ask Rob about the trade before you take it. If you are new, always ASK ROB. For example, “Rob what do we know to be true about Apple?” Ask Rob how you can get in. Ask Rob what your level of defense is. Where should you put your stops?

Do your best to keep the communication in the chat to signals going in force, and keep questions about trades for the first 15-30 minutes. During the day, Rob generally doesn’t have time teach. On the slow days, it’s fair game, but let Rob dictate that. 

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