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2. The PreMarket Gap List

The Live trading room starts at 9 am EST(8 am central). Rob will go though the Sectors and quickly find stocks for the Gap List. These are stocks that have had a shock to the system. They will be gapping up or gapping down. Remember: we trade reversals. Rob will walk you through what to look for at this time.

If you are new to The Strat, stay on the 30 minute and 60 minute time frames. This will, again, keep you from FOMO, and from making mistakes. When we say there has been a shock to the system, this means there is a catalyst that is causing traders to buy or sell and they are there right now.

The time frame continuity for these days will usually be 60s and the dailies, both being the same color. These will override the weekly and the monthly charts.  

Yearly Subscription to Rob Smith's Live Room

$999 plus The Official STRAT Course
A Savings of $1199