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The Weekend Shift

The Weekend Shift

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JJ’s Live Room
Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm EST
Weekend Shift
Saturdays 11am EST

About Sepia Group

SepiaGroup is a site for both expert and beginner traders to learn and trade with The STRAT methodology. A subscription to our Live Room provides unlimited access to the daily live stream of JJ Joyce, the handpicked inheritor of The STRAT, who scans and comments on the market in real time. Our Live Rooms, as well as our courses, free videos, and forums, are designed to teach traders of all experience levels how and when to make profitable trades.

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Rob Smith Live Room

In memory of Rob Smith, creator of The STRAT and founder of Sepia Group. JJ Joyce is honored to carry on his legacy and help traders as Rob helped all of us. You live in our hearts, memories, and prayers forever, Rob. You will not be forgotten and your legacy will not fade.

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Yearly Subscription to Rob Smith's Live Room

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